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Most Popular Destinations

Caribbean Destination
The Bahamas

Caribbean Cruises

We don’t have proof, but evidence suggests that the Caribbean was made for cruising. This evidence is all around you — you’ll find in the Caribbean air, the sand and the water. And with more than 5,000 islands and cays spread across this amazing region, there’s a lot of paradise to see. So how do you choose where to visit on a Caribbean cruise? We recommend you just go and see for yourself! Best of all, the mild climate means it doesn’t even matter what time of year you go. A Carnival Caribbean cruise takes you to some of the coolest little hotspots… stretching across the world’s designated hotspot.

Snorkel great natural reefs in crystal-clear waters | Enjoy year-round tropical weather | Take in the beach view on horseback… or beach chair

Caribbean Destination

Hawaii Cruises

If you’re looking to make an exotic destination your next vacation, let’s talk about the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of Hawaii. The answers are as follows: visit Hawaii on a Carnival cruise (of course), and… visit Hawaii because this place is simply spectacular! Take a Hawaii cruise and explore exotic locations spread across four islands — the Hawaiian island chain is home to names you know, like Maui, Kona and Honolulu. These spots feature postcard-worthy waterfalls, volcanoes and some of the world’s most stunning, sunning beaches. You’ll find these spread across an island chain so otherworldly that you may forget you’re in the states! Best of all, that postcard you’re sure to send home will require only domestic postage.

Experience some of the world's most famous beaches | Get up-close with a volcanic mountain | Hula it up at a real luau


Bahamas Cruises

You know the name, the laid-back attitude and where to find them, but you’ll just have to visit The Bahamas to truly appreciate this classic cruise destination. On this 700-strong string of sun-splashed islands dotting the blue Atlantic, the living’s easy. (And it’s not bad on a Bahamas cruise either!) The central port of Nassau is the bustling capital of the country — “bustling” is a relative term, of course — while Freeport is all chill, all the time. And nothing is as delightfully desolate as Half Moon Cay: pure private-island paradise. Enjoy sailing, snorkeling, fishing, strolling pearly pink-sand beaches, and swimming through crystalline turquoise seas. Make Christopher Columbus’ first stop your destination on a Bahamas cruise.

Swim and splash in sparkling waters | Taste the private island life on Half Moon Cay | Explore the expansive Atlantis resort

The Bahamas

Alaska Cruises

If you’re looking for a cruise vacation that’s a little bit out of the way and a little bit out of the ordinary, make an Alaska cruise your first choice. If your first thought is “Alaska… cool!” you’re on the right track — even in the mild summer season, you should still pack your sweater. Grab it and get up here because Alaska is a natural wonder through and through, and the coastal panhandle region Carnival sails to is perhaps the most stunning. How’s Alaska planning on stunning you? Alaska cruises will do it with quaint seaside towns like Ketchikan and Skagway, and with stunning harbor vistas like Juneau’s. Cruising Alaska will also give you a first-row ticket to the best of nature — including fjords, wildlife and mountains galore. “Oh, mother nature… now you’re just showing off.”

Get up and go glacier-gazing, big time | Follow hiking trails to catch some grand scenery | Grab binoculars and whale-watch some big ones


Mexico Cruises

So close, yet so deliciously far. Mexico might be right down there, but it exists in another world entirely. Experience a whole enchilada’s worth of rich culture and fun on a cruise to Mexico. Each port — including favorites Cozumel, Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta — contributes its own distinct local flavor to the mix. Whether your Mexico cruise style is west-coast Riviera with its Pacific charm, east-coast Caribbean and its island mojo… or perhaps Baja and its out-of-this-world coastal scenery, you’ll find Mexico central to a great vacation.

Check out the shopping scene for unique local crafts | Fly high — with a view — while parasailing | Get down to scuba and snuba


Bermuda Cruises

An enchanting land of pink sand, and turquoise waters — discover that paradise is in fact a reality. Bermuda may be so British that the police are constables and the Queen is Elizabeth, but the traditional breakfast is codfish, potato and banana — yep, this land puts its own spin on tradition. Sail on Carnival’s Bermuda cruises and you’ll experience this unique cultural cocktail, along with a serious helping of natural beauty. This palette of an island, combining green hills, pastel-colored homes, and pink-sand beaches makes the perfect backdrop for world-class golf, glass-bottom boats, swimming with dolphins, mountain biking and shopping. And thanks to the mild, comfortable climate, tea time’s an outdoor event, year-round. Treat yourself to a getaway that’s both proper and perfectly relaxed when you choose one of Carnival’s cruises to Bermuda.

Snorkel or scuba great coral reefs | Hoist up the sails and explore the local waters | See caves housing stalactites and crystal-clear pools

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Flights to Cruise Port

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What's included on a typical Carnival Cruise?

Great Food

You've got a foodie in you - everyone does! Awaken and delight yours on a Carnival cruise with delicious main dishes, tempting desserts and general yummies everywhere you look. Quality Dining - Fine dining served by friendly waiters in gorgeous dining rooms, an around-the-clock buffet, and freshly made cuisines from around the world - including Mongolian BBQ, sushi and more!


Enjoy 24-hour room service, in-room movies, and an attentive room steward!

Finding the right cabin for your cruise can be confusing. Descriptions like Inside cabin, Ocean view cabin, Balcony cabin, and Suite can make a difference in your choice and budget. Destinations may also play a big part in your decision, so if you need some advice please give us a call and we can help you find the best cruise deal!


Dance clubs, bars, lounges, Broadway-style stage shows, comedy clubs, piano bars, live music, pools, hot tubs, water parks and mini golf. *On-shore Excursions available at an additional charge.

Youth Program

Camp Carnival programs are designed for age groups of: 2-11; 12-14; and 15-17.